We constantly receive letters and cards from our patients thanking us for our care. Here is a selection of the many received. We’d love to hear what you have to say about our service. Please get in touch using our Contact page.

1. Allison Wallis - March 2017

I never thought in a million year that I would actually enjoy going to the dentist. The Matford team are welcoming and are always quick to respond to calls and fit you in as soon as possible. When I chipped my tooth 2 days before going on holiday they fitted me in the morning after I called . Remik worked his gentle magic and I went on holiday smiling. Remik always has time to answer questions and explain the best way forward to preserve my teeth for the long term. I also chose to whiten my teeth with Enlighten when the outcome and process was explained in great detail. When Remik treats your teeth you almost feel that your teeth are his friends because he is so caring and attentive. I wish that everyone could experience the dental care and a welcome reception you always receive at Matford Dental Care.

2. Amazing dental practice!

After neglecting my teeth for a long period of time i had no choice but to address it. I need not worry after visiting Matford dental clinic with Remik looking after me. I'm a complex case !!....Due to have a stem cell transplant shortly so my mouth / teeth have to be in excellent condition to eliminate risk of infection.

My dentist referred me to the hospital to have extractions and also carried out work themself, along with having partial dentures made as a matter of emergency so they were ready for my hospital visit.

If you fear dentistry work being done on yourself.........you don't have to if you use a person as calm and professional as my dentist at Matford dental clinic........faultless and i couldn't thank them enough.

3. Excellent service!

My husband (a very nervous patient) and I would highly recommend this dental practice. We travel forty five miles to attend this practice, after this wonderful dentist left our town! After seeing his replacement, in our home town and receiving terrible treatments, we decided that the journey would be worth it, so that we could have our previous dentist look after us again. We always receive pain free treatment from him, he is always professional, caring, polite and gentle. Very experienced and informative. All dentists should be this good!

Thank you for your care.

4. Fantastic experience!

It really was a fantastic experience.

I came away from my appointment with an inner glow, I really enjoyed my dental experience, and it's not often you can say that after being injected for a filling.

I've had the same dentist for 20 years, since I was a small child, and only changed as my dentist went private. I was apprehensive to say the least about seeing a new dentist.

But my dentist, put me at ease, they were gental and warm in their approach, was very knowledgable and professional, I felt safe in their hands. The treatment was of excellent quality and the service, excellent. I even came away having learnt something new! I am also truly thankful of the warm welcome and efficient service I received at Reception. Thank you.

5. Brilliant dentist!

I have been today for the first time, and was really impressed with the whole service. The Receptionist, dental nurse and the dentist were all very welcoming and friendly. Everything was explained to me fully and the treatment was efficient and effective. Highly recommended!

6. Amazing!

The most amazing Dentist we have ever had. Friendly staff and a very informative dentist with really helpful and advice about how to look after our teeth. Brilliant with our little girl too. Thank you for making her first trip to the dentist a fun and happy one!

7. Very impressed

I had to have emergency dental work after breaking one of my teeth. I am very nervous of dentists after a previous experience. The dentist couldn't have been more patient and supportive. Very gentle and he gave me the best injection I've ever had. I did not feel it at all!

The reception staff were also very helpful.

8. Excellent dentist and very good with children

My whole family of two adults and two children attend this practice and we have found the service to be excellent and all of the staff friendly and human.

We have regular check-ups and have had a number of different minor treatments (e.g. small fillings) which have been carried out efficiently and expertly.

The dentist who we see is very good with children. They are sympathetic and encouraging and all of my children have no issue at all with attending for check-ups - they almost look forward to the process!

Attending the dentist is generally an anxiety inducing process but this practice makes everything much easier.