Finding a PERFECT orthodontist for your child is not an easy task as you have to consider many things before making your selection of an orthodontist for your child. While you have to make sure the practitioner that you are choosing is the one you can trust upon, you also have to be assured that

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Tooth replacement therapy comes in many forms, the most common of these being dentures, or "false teeth". Whether your teeth are badly damaged and need to be pulled and replaced, or if you've lost all or most of your teeth, dentures today are a comfortable and affordable method of total tooth replacement. If you've lost

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In this blog we have tried to clear misconceptions about a child's first teeth which are also called primary teeth, milk teeth or baby teeth. Here are few myths about baby teeth that every parent should know: Myth-1: Cavities in baby teeth do not matter: If there is decay in baby tooth, it can lead Read more

If you were recently informed that you need a root canal, chances are the minute you left your dentist's office, you immediately began scouring the internet for information on this well-known but highly misunderstood dental service. The internet can be a great place to gather helpful information Read more