If you are dealing with the partial or full loss of a tooth, implant supported dentures can be one of the most useful dental treatments. Implant supported dentures work to optimise your oral health by improving the appearance of your teeth, restoring your ability to bite and chew normally and even boosting the overall function Read more

Myth-1: Teeth Whitening makes teeth sensitive: After the process of teeth whitening at dental clinic few patients may feel sensation to hot and cold for about a week's time. The sensation is not permanent and goes away naturally after few days or weeks. Myth-2: Harms the enamel: Teeth whitening treatments performed by a qualified dentist Read more

Nowadays when there are several treatment options available for missing teeth, it is very important to study pros and cons of each treatment before you decide to choose for replacing them. While Fixed Bridge option was selected by people for replacing a missing teeth since years, modern dentistry has made replacing teeth with dental implantsRead more

Having awareness about the treatment that you are looking for yourself or your child is a good thing. However with awareness sometimes you get to know few things which may be myths. So, Matford Dental Clinic tackles some of the most common orthodontics myths: Myth-1: There is no point of having braces for an Read more